Alexander R. Hall

Born in London, England, raised in Melbourne, Australia, Alexander R. Hall started working at 18 as a buss boy at a busy inner city nightclub. This position progressed into bar tending which later led to nightclub management. After 5 years in the nightclub scene in Melbourne, he moved to cafes where he trained as a barista working for some of Melbourne's best cafe operators. Alexander managed businesses for Daniel Colls and The Van Haandel Group, pioneers in the modern cafe industry. 

Alexander moved to New York City in 2008 where he took a position as manager of The Corner Shop Cafe in New York's bustling SoHo neighborhood. Having a wealth of cafe experience, he saw a gap in the market and opened his first business, Milk Bar, Brooklyn. Milk Bar led to the purchasing of Bluebird Coffee Shop in Manhattan's Lower East Side, followed by Rosella Coffee Shop on Clinton St. in Manhattan and two Brooklyn cafes called Brunswick. 

After deciding to move to Des Moines, IA, Alexander sold all five of his cafes. His next cafe, St. Kilda, the area in Melbourne where Alexander trained in the hospitality business, opened in May 2017, located downtown Des Moines. 

St. Kilda is a full service Australian-style café/bakery serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. St. Kilda is known for offering artisanal coffee beverages, healthy and modern dishes, full table service, in an architecturally designed space.

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